Friday, January 29, 2010

Prayer for Haiti

Dear God, I make much in these prayers of your glory revealed in nature, but nature turned on Haiti. Our heart aches for the people of Port-au-Prince. Our head aches for understanding.

My theology doesn’t smoothly accommodate acts of God, and the faith is wounded by religious pundits who claim to know the mind of God.

I pray that your Spirit will fill my chasm of knowing with more trusting…and some doing: stroke a check, volunteer, pray consistently.

I’m sure Haitians - who know severe suffering and loss up close - are clinging to their faith. I can keep a tighter grip on mine.

Yes, Father, you are revealed in nature. When that view is obscured, we find you elsewhere - in rescue workers and care givers, in relief workers and generous givers. There are things I can’t fully grasp, but your presence is never in doubt.

Lord Christ, may the people of Haiti find healing and restoration at your merciful hand. Amen.