Friday, February 5, 2010


February 2nd was a Feast Day for much of the Christian community. Candles are significant to the observance. Catholics, the Eastern Orthodox Church and Anglicans celebrate Candlemas or the Meeting of the Lord.

Forty Days after Jesus’ birth his parents presented him at the Temple in Jerusalem. During the purification ritual Simeon and Anna (Luke 2:22-38) recognized the infant as the promised Messiah - long before his ministry began. Simeon proclaimed Jesus to be the “light for revelation.” There’s the candle connection and the name - Candlemas or Candle Mass. As Bible stories go, I believe this is a big one:

Simeon’s personal recognition of Jesus as our light, as our salvation, is fundamental. Anna’s enthusiasm for telling others is essential.

Praise God!
For Jesus,
Our Lord and Savior!

To borrow Simeon’s words: My eyes have seen your plan for salvation. We stand in the light of revelation.

Lord Christ, you are our illumination - our everlasting light.

We seek your presence and guidance - your enlightenment.

Like Simeon and Anna, may we find you - in Word, in worship, in service. May we recognize you in those we serve and those who serve us.

Prepare our hearts to faithfully reflect your light! Amen.