Friday, January 15, 2010

Better than OnStar

My wife will tell you that I hesitate (or refuse) to ask for directions. Technology has helped, though. My Blackberry has a GPS enabled navigator app.

Writing for Scripture Union, Dr. Elaine Storkey* makes an important point about spiritual navigation: “When we don’t let the Bible lead us to God, we turn from the great road map God has given us.” I’ve borrowed a few of her words for this prayer.

Dear God,

Considering my reluctance to ask for directions, I thank you for the Bible. It’s my road map.

And I pray for a measure of your Holy Spirit. It’s my GPS.

My confession: I don’t make time to recharge my GPS, and I sometimes lay the map aside.

…but still, Father, you patiently offer turn-by-turn directions.

My destination: An encounter with the Living God.

Speak to me from the pages of your Word. May I be drawn into your presence.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

* - Scripture Union USA, Encounter with God, 1/12/2010