Friday, April 22, 2022

Born Again: Spring & Easter

Lord Christ,

In every generation there are wars and haters, broken places and broken people. 

But to every generation You offer an invitation, over and over again, a standing invitation, for transformation. (Sanctification is the churchy term, or getting saved in the Bible Belt.)

It’s so obvious in nature during the spring. The earth is reborn, both flora and fauna. 

Then comes Easter. In Your resurrection we see the possibility for our own rebirth.

You find us in our winter and offer a springtime.

We are transformed to be peacemakers, justice seekers, healers, listeners, lovers. 

To impact our families, workplaces and communities - pushing back against the broken places. 

Again this Easter, I hear the invitation. Accept my RSVP. Amen. 

Friday, April 15, 2022

An Awful Day | Good Friday

We stand at the intersection of Passover and Easter. An Old Testament epic meets New Testament truth. Both observances reinforce the theme of a mighty, loving God at work - on behalf of his people - in the worst of times. In Egypt, God conducts a miraculous rescue of the ancient Hebrews. At Easter, God leads the rescue of all people in all times through the miraculous resurrection of Jesus. This is our Hope writ large. In what might appear to be the worst of times, our rescue is underway and assured…by Jesus Christ. Thanks be to God!

~ ~ ~

We come to a hard, a very hard place on this Good Friday. It is an awful day.

But a most Holy day, for sure. It is the day of Jesus’ crucifixion.

A day of deep pain: betrayal, injustice, mocking, torture…murder.

That God would stoop to endure this experience is testimony to 

our Lord’s solidarity with humanity.

Because pain is universal. It resonates with everyone.

Physical, mental or spiritual; for a moment, a season or a lifetime.

Jesus knows it, feels it, understands it.

Jesus grasps the cup of suffering with us. His spirit embraces us in our pain.

And the spirt heals, as the spirit loves. Yes, it is a reason to call this day good.


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