Tuesday, April 4, 2023

At Easter: Selfless Love, Divine Power


Lord Christ,

I sense your presence and blessing as spring unfolds. And I find it in family, especially my marvelous grandkids! Still, I suffer from “grumpy old man” syndrome. 

I need Easter! Can I get an Alleluia!?!

Too much news. Too much Twitter. School shootings. Deadly tornados. Political turmoil. MAGA. Ukraine. The new Cold War. 

I need the Resurrection. I need the promise of restoration. I need that celebration of Christian hope!

Atonement theory trips me up. The conservative canon of inerrancy, hellfire and End Times confounds me, too. I am, however, fully convinced of two Easter tenets:

“Christ Crucified” proves your devotion to humankind. In a most ignominious way, you surrendered your life. That ultimate sacrifice is convicting. Your selfless, mighty love for us is deep and wide.

“The Risen Christ” demonstrates your authority over evil and death. This super natural, awe inspiring display of Divine power is compelling. The most daunting obstacles can be overcome when we put our trust in you.

For the intensity of Christ’s Easter love, Alleluia!

For the supremacy of Christ’s Easter love, Alleluia!


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