Sunday, January 31, 2021

Rebooting Noah

Gracious God!

I’m rethinking Noah’s Ark,

and meaning in the myth.

False prophets, grumpy Christians 

can’t resist an angry God.

They savor Noah’s parable,

where wayward humanity

is engulfed by floodwaters.

But they miss the point.

God selects a family to carry on.

God cares about each animal.

God provides detailed survival instructions.

God proffers a covenant with all creation.

This isn’t a tale of God’s wrath.

It’s a love story, 

of personal care and mercy,

of God’s grace.

God of the restart, the do-over, the reboot!

And the story ends with a rainbow, 

with hope!

Thanks be to God, Amen.

Creation Rebooted, Genesis 8, Scripture Union

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