Wednesday, August 31, 2022

My Heart Melts

I recently read an essay by Fr. Ron Rolheiser about the incarnation and the intentional significance of Jesus coming first to us as a baby… 

Why? Why doesn’t the all-powerful Creator of the universe flex more muscle? Why is God normally revealed more in the body of an infant than in that of Superstar? Why? Because the power of God works to melt hearts rather than break them, and that’s what vulnerability and helplessness can do. That’s what infants can do. (In Exile, 12/21/2020

And my reading coincided with the arrival of our fourth grandchild, Margaret Dove, all of which inspires a bit of improvisation on Fr. Rolheiser’s words: 

Praise God!!! 
...for our new grandchild!!! 

I cradle her in my arms. The tiniest fingers and toes, a gossamer mane, eight pounds and thirteen ounces of cotton. 

Your creation power is manifest in this tender baby. No might or muscle in this miracle. Helpless. Vulnerable. Intimate. I can feel her soft breath. Those big eyes stare at my curious face. I covet a coo, but crying is her super power at present. And it melts my heart. 

Praise God!!! 
...for this GRAND child!!!