Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I am all about the Nativity this year. The Fisher-Price crèche is your hint...

I hesitate to grade my blessings, but the highlight of 2014 has been the birth of our first grandchild. Much like your child's wedding, your kids having kids brings a sense of continuity to this family endeavor of the past four decades. 

Four generations. Great Granddad at 93, the new father & son,
with Granddad.

Only four months into Grandparenting, I do have a few observations about this special role:

You come to it with some experience and confidence (that you didn't have with your own kids), so you are more relaxed...and joyful!

And you don't have 24/7 responsibility for the baby, so you are more relaxed...and joyful!

Finally, there's the opportunity for a do-over. Maybe I can close some gaps from the first parenting go-round, ie, improve the quality of "quality time" and excise the conditions that so often persist in "unconditional love." That is my prayer for this new relationship.

Also, I claim these Biblical promises. Our children are included in the spiritual purposes of God. They are holy. (1st Corinthians 7:14) And I find comfort in the very last verse of the Old Testament where God's prophetic, healing voice will ultimately turn the hearts of parents and children toward one another. (Malachi 4:6)

Finally, from our family's nativity to The Nativity, I invite you to scroll through my prayers for Advent and Christmastime...with my sincere wishes for a meaningful Advent and a Merry Christmas!