Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Before the Cross - Fourth Week of Lent

St. Joseph's Oratory, Montreal

Dear Lord,

As I anticipate the glory and triumph of Easter, I must first consider the profanity of Christ’s Passion: The humiliation, scourging and torture of crucifixion.

And the bad actors in the Passion Play: The conniving priests, the self-serving, shirking Pilate, Judas the betrayer, Peter the deserter.

There’s so much speculation about their motives and emotions, so much written about them, but what might be written of me?

Where have I denied, deserted or betrayed my Lord? Was it my pride? Was it fear or lack of faith? Where have I chosen self-preservation over cross-bearing?

Judas missed the point entirely. Suicide and infamy are his legacy. But Peter, repentant and forgiven, found a new beginning, a fresh start, at the Cross of Christ.

We stand before that cross every day. Forgiven. Ready for a fresh start. That is the glory and triumph of Easter! Amen.

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