Friday, October 29, 2021

About Job

Job has made several lectionary appearances in October. His is an epic story of many layers…with an epic message.

All Knowing, 

All Mighty God,

This is my take on Job…

Am I off the rails?

He loses children, health and wealth. 

The tragedy is never adequately explained. It’s the classic “why do bad things happen to good people?” It’s further complicated by a Divine foreknowledge. And the wounding continues as Job’s (supposed) friends offer gratuitous, misguided consolation. 

In lament, in despair, Job finds himself in Your presence.  

God is not distant. 

God is available. 

And that Holy presence is enough. 

In Your presence, Job is restored. 

It’s not about understanding God’s plans or God’s ways. That’s beyond our comprehension. 

It’s about knowing Your presence. That is within our reach. 

For some it comes like lightning. For me, much cultivation has been necessary.

And like Job, Your loving presence heals and restores, guides and empowers. Your presence saves. Amen. 

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