Sunday, January 29, 2017

Epiphanies - Divine Messaging

Lord Christ,

Angels, dreams and the Spirit - they all play a big part in the story of your birth.

Zechariah, Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the magi and Simeon - they all receive a form of divine messaging

We focus on the fantastical - it makes the stories memorable - but I’m getting a practical message for the new year:

Pay attention! Look and listen! Follow! 

That divine messaging is found in the things of God, in the people of God. In Bible study, in sermons and music, in books and blogs, in friends and service, in nature.

Simeon called it the light for revelation. (Luke 2:22-40) The pursuit of that treasure must be my priority. I’m too easily distracted. My commitment is sporadic. And I miss the angels, dreams and Spirit.

Righteous and devout, that's how Simeon is described. He established a foundation of faith. It made him receptive to divine messaging - receptive to your voice, receptive to your leading.

May it be so for me! Amen.

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