Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ephphatha! Be Opened!

For the umpteenth time, I was reading through Jesus' healing miracles in Mark. (Mark 7:31-37, specifically.)

For the first time, I sensed the depth, the layers, the relevance of the story.

Is it just a Bible tale...or a penetrating story?

The Bible (when read and applied daily) is much more than a book. It is God in real life, God in real time.

Lord Christ,

You healed a deaf and mute man with the command Be Opened!

I take that literally. It was a healing miracle of ear and tongue.
I believe it!

...but Bible stories are for real life, in real time.

Is that command aimed at me?

Be Opened!  ...to your miracles of body, mind and heart.

...but there is even more to the story: It was a very personal encounter of ear and tongue and spit and touch.

Be Opened!  ...to intimacy with God.

Be Opened!  ...to his healing touch.

Be Opened!  ...to his voice.

Be Opened!  ...to his power.

Ephphatha! Amen.

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