Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BIG GOD & little me

As I write this prayer, we have experienced a rare earthquake on the
 east coast, and a hurricane is headed in our direction. The BIG GOD theme is on point.

Father, this is my take on original sin. A literal interpretation of
 Genesis is not required. It seems obvious to me:

We are flawed, both people and planet. The software and hardware have 
bugs. That’s your construct, and it's beyond my

The upside: You are in control. That is my interpretation of Scripture.
 It is my personal experience.

Despite appearances, evil does not have the upper hand. Hitler, Mao and
 Milosevic did not have the last word in their time. African genocide and
 21st century terrorism are our generational plagues, but they will pass.

Creation groans for the promised melding of heaven and earth when the
 imperfections are removed.

While we wait, we must depend on you. Self-sufficiency is misguided.

While we wait, we must be at work for you. Selfish pursuits are misdirected.

Big flaws. Big job. Big hope. BIG GOD.