Tuesday, July 10, 2018

At the Beach

At the beach I'm reminded that I need less Microsoft Outlook in my life and more of the Lord's outlook!

God of waves and water, 
clouds and sun,

I stand on the edge of the Atlantic,
at the edge of North America.

I give you my rough edges,
my jagged edges.
Make them smooth, Lord.

I surrender my schedule, 
the task list and reminders, 
the deadlines and meetings.

Vaporize my crazy in the summer sun.
Crank up the surf's white noise.
Pummel my drama with a stiff ocean breeze.
Carry it off in a receding wave.

In nature, with family,
in breaking bread 
(with adult beverages)
smooth the edges.
Recharge this soul.
Refresh me.

Thank You!
For my coastal sabbath.