Monday, November 25, 2013

"Lord of All Hopefulness"

Celtic or Irish Cross
We sang this favorite hymn a couple of weeks ago in church, and happily, the Irish melody resonated in my head all day. 

The author, Jan Struther, was an agnostic who nonetheless attended church. I doubt that Wiki snippet does justice to the trajectory of her faith. 

Regardless, I’m convinced she was gifted and used by God.

Lord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joy,

Certain hymns are comfort food for the soul – a balm of Irish ballad and poetry.

How can it be that the author struggled with faith and depression? Her words are a blessing to me. She had a keen awareness of your interest in our daily lives.

To be hopeful as the day begins.
To have an eagerness about our work.
To live in a home filled with kindness.
To experience a gentle conclusion to each day.

Understanding the Holy Spirit's power, she takes it up a notch…

Bliss during the day.
Strength for our work.
Love in our homes.
Peace at the day’s end.

Lord Christ, may it be so this week! Amen.