Sunday, December 16, 2012

Advent Interrupted

Almighty God

We weep, we ache over the Newtown school massacre in Connecticut.

The veneer of sentimentality has been painfully stripped from semi-automatic pistols and mental illness.

I will confess to blocking out the news of war, violent crime and traffic fatalities during Christmas, but this story has our hearts in a vise. It commands our full attention.

How clearly, how starkly we see this broken world as we grieve for the murdered first graders and their heroic faculty.

Oh yes, we need a Savior.
Oh yes, we long for a new creation.
It's impossible to elude those Advent themes this year.

Lord Christ, the slain children and teachers know your embrace, but please, dispatch your Spirit to their parents and families, to share and lift their heavy, heavy burden. Amen.