Monday, December 31, 2012

Theology of Food

Family and food are central to my Christmas celebration. It seems to begin in earnest with Thanksgiving, and there’s no let up until the New Year.

You would think that “eat, drink and be merry” (Ecclesiastes 8:15) is the only Bible verse I have committed to memory…and unwavering practice!

I’m not alone. I read last week that 65% of NorthCarolinians are overweight or obese. And I was confronted with a stark contradiction in a year-end fund raising appeal: One in five NC children face what we now call “food insecurity” and 170,000 of my fellow citizens receive emergency food aid each week. This paradox prompts a prayer:

Give us this day our daily bread. (Matthew 6:11)

Generous Lord, that prayer has been amply answered during the holidays, and the bathroom scales concur.

The upside…

Those who prepare our family feasts remind me of your care and attention to detail. I appreciate their gift of hospitality, and I am grateful for your faithful provision.

The downside…

I consume far more food and drink than a body requires. Moderation and restraint are elusive. Self-discipline is a myth!

Holy Spirit, govern my choices in the pantry and at the table. Make me mindful of my choices for service and giving to organizations fighting hunger. Amen.

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