Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No Fear Resurrection People

Father God,

Our tradition presents Easter as a pardon - a pardon from sin and death.

The mistakes and missteps of your Resurrection People are pardoned. And Christ-followers are pardoned from death - granted eternal life.

Our tradition is inclined to stir up some anxiety, too, around the shame of sin and our fear of death.

Lord Christ, I most gratefully accept the pardon. I readily confess that it is undeserved, but let me share this Good News with your grace. Use me to dial back the fear.

Your Easter words to the women at the tomb:

Do not be afraid. (Matthew 28:10)

We are offered everlasting life. Resurrection People need not fear death.

Mistakes and missteps don’t block a relationship with our Creator. Christ-followers need not fear God.

Holy Spirit, stir up in me a joy-filled, no fear faith. Amen.

This prayer was inspired by a Sojourners blog post from Pastor Tripp Hudgins.