Tuesday, February 14, 2012

INTENTIONAL acts of kindness

This is RAK Week. A week to celebrate and perform random acts of kindness. (It pairs well with Valentine’s Day!) It's promoted by The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

I have no problem with random acts of kindness, but I propose we work harder at intentional acts of kindness. I’ve done the math. It has tremendous potential!

Loving & Gracious God,

We fret over our status as a post-Christian nation, but I’m not sure the problem is multiculturalism or globalization.

Could it be churchgoers like me? Have we dropped the ball? Are we half-hearted, Sunday-only Christians?

I did some research: 3.5 million adults attend church regularly here in North Carolina. 3.5 million Christians imbedded in neighborhoods, stuck in traffic, waiting in line, toiling away at work, tending to their families. 3.5 million Christians. That's a big number.

Shouldn’t things be better? We need to walk the talk? Not just on Sunday. Every day.

Your standard, Lord Christ: Here is a simple rule of thumb for behavior: Ask yourself what you want people to do for you; then grab the initiative and do it for them! (Luke 6:31, The Message)

What if 3.5 million Christians committed three intentional acts of kindness per day? On your behalf, that would be 10.5 million encounters in a day, 73.5 million in a week. That’s God's math!

Holy Spirit, inspire me for multiple…intentional…acts of kindness today. Amen.

Graphic credit
Gallup survey on church attendance