Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Aunt Liz

Great God, I’m compelled to organize my thoughts about the death of Aunt Liz. This isn’t news to you. For sure, she is in your company.

Her life of ninety-two years is worthy of honor and celebration. I thank you that her passing came during sleep. You allowed a graceful end to a grace filled life.

Liz had meticulously planned her funeral, consistent with her bookkeeper’s demeanor. She wanted the focus to be on you, Lord Christ, not on her. That’s how she lived - selflessly.

Widowed early in life, she devoted herself to work (thirty-five years with the United Methodist Church) her own church, family and friends. Always worrying over others. Always tending to their needs. I often thought she was taken advantage of, a viewpoint she never shared.

Liz was a bookkeeper for ministers, but she had her own larger ministry. Thank you for her life, her light, her example. Aunt Liz was a Kingdom person doing Kingdom work.

Holy Spirit, put me on the path that Aunt Liz walked. Amen.