Saturday, October 24, 2020

Pax Electio

I have way too much anxiety over this election. I’ve tried social media and news sabbaths, but it isn’t very helpful. Maybe writing and praying about it will engender some election peace!?! I admit (with some reluctance) that my views could be misguided, but I’m confident that prayer is the ultimate prescription.

Lord of the nations, 

Lord of our governors,

I need to shed this election stress. Chill.

Donald Trump could win re-election. It’s so close. Even if Joe Biden prevails, there could be a drawn out recount and protracted legal challenges. There might be violent protests. We are navigating a rough sea.

I need to trust You. That doesn’t mean my preferred outcome is assured. But I have a navigator, even a life vest, for the tempest.

My lament:

I’m disappointed for my country. I was raised on a benign version of American Exceptionalism. That notion has been trashed by President Trump, obsequious legislators and the agitated cult that forms his base. Politics has devolved to a ruthless struggle for power. Principles, policy and service matter little. Truth is malleable - no longer virtuous. Nationalism and white supremacy have gone mainstream, teased from the shadows by our president. The US has become a pluralistic society, but the old guard resists. Hopefully, this election represents their last stand, but the struggle could last for another generation. In my darker moments, I worry that it might not end well. There are so many - too many - guns in our bedside tables and car consoles. 

My hope:

I pray that America’s commitment to “justice for all” comes to equal her love of liberty. For people of color. With sexual and gender identity. In healthcare and immigration. With COVID recovery that means attention to low wage workers, small business and the setbacks in public education. And let’s find common ground around creation care and the violence that besets us with a meaningful response to climate change and gun control. This nation has been greatly blessed. May we respond with a renewed spirit of global benevolence and leadership.

My gripes. My aspirations. I must mentally kneel and place all of this on your altar. It’s so much bigger than me (and my social media accounts.) Be patient. Keep the faith. Politicians, governments and nations are in your hands. 

Lord Christ, you are my sovereign. You reign. Amen!

*  *  *  *

I wrote this during the 2012 campaign: “My hope is not in a party, its platform or candidates. I place my hope in you: your word, your promises, your power, your presence.” I need to be reminded of that - constantly - as election day nears. 

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