Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Praying with Jonah

Call me beyond myself,
Send me beyond my imagination, 
Empower me beyond my skill.

So began a recent Scripture Union Bible study on Jonah by Robert Parkinson, a Baptist minister in the U.K. It's the Bible's great fish story - a fanciful tale with with a serious message for self-righteous Christians (like me).

Swallow me, Lord! Into your love and work. Like Jonah...

Today, he might be a minister or missionary. A faithful man, who veers off course.

Jonah becomes a religious crank. Prejudiced, self-centered, imposing limits on your love and mercy. 

Yet, you send him out, over and over.

It's all about your purposes, not mine. You are compassionate and generous to all. I don't get to choose.

Have I lapsed into Jonah mode? Spit me out, Lord! Send me again. And again. Until I get it right. Amen.

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