Monday, November 16, 2015


My daughter, visiting her alma mater, posted this photo Friday of the Memorial Cross at Sewanee. It famously sits on the western edge of the Cumberland plateau, visible from I-24 near Chattanooga TN.

Cross and road come together - literally - in Melissa's photo. It's when life's road intersects the Cross of Christ. That's not a metaphor. It's is known to occur - literally!

From Crossroads is a noun that means a point where a choice must be made. The noun crossroads is great for describing a point in your life when you have to make an important decision...

The photo poses several questions: 
The Cross of Christ stands before us; will we take His road? 
...or will we see Jesus at the end of our road? 
...or along life's road, is He with us?

My prayer is to navigate this narrow road always seeking Christ's way forward. (Amen!)

Have you made the choice? Indeed, it is an important decision! Scroll though my prayers tagged spiritual cultivation.