Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Radical Forgiveness

The news here has been dominated by two stories, the Senator John Edwards political corruption trial and the horrific Taft murder case. Coincidentally - or Providentially - I watched the George Clooney film, The Descendants. It’s a complex story about family wounds, betrayal and forgiveness - the heavy lifting kind of forgiveness. All of this prompts yet another prayer about forgiveness. 

Gracious, Forgiving, Healing God, 

I see families tested so severely by infidelity, treachery, even violence. 

Of course, they seek and deserve justice, but there’s only one answer to the test. Forgiveness. 

We prefer the multiple-choice version. Anger. Retribution. Hatred. Resentment. Any satisfaction from those responses is fleeting and failure is certain. 

Lord Christ, where wanton selfishness has injured, close the wound with Divinely inspired selflessness. It’s easier prayed for than accomplished - heavy, heavy lifting - but we have your example and Spirit. 

You conducted a ministry of healing and forgiveness. Theologically and physically, your blood was spilled for the forgiveness of our sins. Your dying words were about forgiveness. 

It is so often our last resort, but it’s the singular, appropriate response. 

Amen! …to forgiveness.

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