Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mission Statement

Father, I have slowly - very slowly - come to realize that I’m here to serve. I was anticipating something more grandiose delivered in a vivid dream. However, I accept the assignment with gratitude. It has taken several decades. Finally, I have clarity.

My function is to assist my family, church family, work family and community. It’s a broad charge and I probably miss many opportunities. Selfishness impedes the mission (I prefer to be served) but I seek to discern your will and purpose in all things, to know when to lead, or support, or to leave it in your hands.

To those in my sphere of influence, may I provide a modicum of wisdom and a measure of inspiration. I aspire to model Christian values and pursue Christian discipleship.

As I serve, assist and support, I will rely on your Holy Spirit. May I grow in your grace. Amen.

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