Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The music for Pentecost at Church of the Good Shepherd featured a flute and harp. It was beautiful and uplifting. Ethereal. It was, as intended, evocative of the Holy Spirit.

Of course, one’s experience of God is like a fingerprint. Unique. God meets us in different ways, in different places. That’s why the Holy Spirit is variously described as a violent wind or tongues of fire. St. Paul experienced it as lightening, but Jesus received the Spirit as a dove.

Given my broadcasting background, a preferred metaphor for the Holy Spirit is God’s radio station, a divine frequency, transmitting at maximum power, 24/7.

Unfortunately, our antennas are prone to malfunction. Most of us experience (self-induced) interference and static.
We are resistant, but God is persistent in his attempts to reach us. Raise your antenna, find the frequency and tune in!

I reprise a prayer about the Holy Spirit from 2010…

The Holy Spirit, Giaquinto, 1750s


It isn’t lost on me that Acts of the Apostles commences with your Spirit. I note the significance.

The Holy Spirit: Hard to define. Difficult to pin down. But like the wind, we can hear it. We can feel it.

Whatever the Biblical image or metaphor - wind, fire, water, dove - I pray for a full measure of the Holy Spirit…infusing every aspect of my life, propelling my faith and faithful witness.

Lord Christ, let me hear it. Allow me to feel it…that I may act. Dare I ask, that I might act as an Apostle! Amen