Monday, October 4, 2010

A Change of Coordinates

I heard this from UMC Bishop Will Willimon on Day1:

All the gospels present Jesus on a continual road trip - God in motion.

…some of Jesus' best words were spoken on the run. So, if you want to know about Jesus, you've got to meet him on the road.

Anybody who wants to meet Jesus, to understand or to be with Jesus, must be willing to relocate.

That relocation might not be a change of address, but it will surely represent a change of priorities, attitude and/or heart. Jesus is our navigator. He is likely to adjust our coordinates.

Lord, we pray your will be done.
(Matthew 6:10)

And we aspire to Christ’s thoroughly selfless standard:
Yet not what I will, but what you will.
(Mark 14:36)

...but we remain stubbornly stationary. We spin cocoons of self-will. We long for predictability. We want things set and fixed.

Change my coordinates, Lord! Move me through your Word.

Maybe I’m resisting something that could be a Godly surprise? Maybe there’s a stranger in my path destined to become a friend?

Standing still or your will? How can I resist the Creator of the Universe who calls me?

Open my heart to your perspective, and put me on your path. In Jesus name, that I might reflect his love and purpose, Amen.