Saturday, November 14, 2009

What's More Precious Than Life?

Chapel at Versailles Palace

Max Lucado writes about “family partings”…it could be a move, going away to college or a funeral:

Question: what kind of God would give you families and then ask you to leave them? What kind of God would give you friends and then ask you to say good-bye?

Answer: a God who knows we are only pilgrims and that eternity is so close that any “good-bye” is in reality a “see you tomorrow.”

That’s what I call developing a heavenly perspective. It’s born of unshakable faith, of confidence in one’s salvation and His promise of eternal life. Solid trust in God.

I have yet to achieve that perspective with consistency, but I certainly aspire to it.

In that vein, I’ve written a contemporary Psalm - based on my daily Bible study. I’m borrowing words from Alastair Campbell, a Baptist Minister and teacher in Jamaica. (Writing for Scripture Union USA)

What is more precious than life?

Could it be the love of God?

Not a passing emotion
Given and withdrawn at will,
But a steady, deep commitment.
A slow-burning fire
That our sins cannot break,
And death cannot quench.

The love of God!

A love that made us,
Called us,
Believes in us,
Weeps over us,
Forgives us,
And saves us
From the power of sin and death.

But how can it be more precious than life?

Because it lasts! For eternity!

Praise God!
…for his love revealed to us in Jesus Christ.