Saturday, July 11, 2009

Independence Day, follow-up...

On Independence Day
I offered thanks for freedom.
In today’s America
that’s “the pursuit of happiness” -
What a blessing!

But in 1776,
it was about freedom from oppression.
That’s still in the headlines,
in Iran, China and North Korea.
Will I pray for those people,
often viewed as the enemy?

And there are other facets of freedom,
like freedom from guilt.
Will I be quicker to forgive,
or to put someone at ease?

And there’s freedom from
poverty, abuse or addiction.
Will I share my
"time, talent and treasure"
for someone else’s freedom?

The pursuit of happiness,
will I confess
that it’s not about me?

I will, with the power
of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

All Saints' Chapel, University of the South
Sewanee TN (photo credit: Melissa Habel)