Sunday, April 4, 2021

Easter Distilled

I found myself making notes during Holy Week about the basics of Easter. Given the the layers of meaning and the resurrection miracle itself, it might be a misguided effort. There is no “Easter for Dummies.” It’s too grand and complex. Still, denominations, theologians, politicians, you and I are inclined to mold Jesus to suit our tastes, biases and needs. Therefore, I do believe that it’s a useful exercise to extract the essence of Easter.

God sends his Word

in the flesh

a life and lessons

of forgiveness, healing

humility, service


World counters Word

with rebuke, mocking 

betrayal, torture


Word answers

with obedience

with sacrificial love

God replies

with restoration

with covenant, Spirit

with resurrection power

We respond

with belief, repentance

“salt and light” 

with love


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