Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Praying for Drew

My son has a college buddy, Drew Harrod, who is in a battle with cancer. That's not a cancer cliché. It is a raging battle. And this is the second occurrence in the third decade of his young life. 

I pray for Drew daily, and we follow his blog. It is difficult to read, often written in a stream of consciousness as he struggles with pain, fatigue and anxiety.

Remarkably, he uses this an an opportunity to share his rock-solid faith. His cross-bearing is real. His faith is resolute. It's a raw and powerful witness. I wince, but I'm inspired. 

Merciful and Gracious God,

How does one choose between another crushing course of chemotherapy and a risky, radical, day long surgery?

Where is your tender touch, Father, in the often hapless, callous health system?

How does one endure the pain day after day...after day?

Where is the energy to fight...
For you wife?
For your baby?

It's found in Faith. It's found in the Spirit.

I have seen it in Drew Harrod. Inexplicable. Nonetheless genuine. Real.

Lord Christ, this young man will soon be in the hands of a surgical team, and I pray he is in your unseen but very tight embrace. I pray that - in your good time - he will hear the Great Physician say...

Rise and go; your faith has made you well. (Luke 17:19

May your Spirit be upon Drew, his doctors, his family and friends. Amen.

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Drew on YouTube
Drew's blog (log-in required)