Sunday, April 14, 2013

Feed my sheep. Follow me.

Lord Christ,

Maybe the Bible should be stamped with a warning: Scripture may be hazardous to your politics.

I was reading a newspaper article on the expansion of Medicaid benefits. Our Governor and legislature are opposed to extending the health care program to several hundred thousand people on the cusp of poverty. It was a tough decision, I thought, but a boost for fiscal sanity.

Then, I heard your words to Peter: …do you truly love me…feed my lambs.

But I’m a limited government guy.

Again: …do you truly love me…take care of my sheep.

But taxes are bordering on oppressive.

A third time: …do you love me…feed my sheep…follow me!

Peter denied you three times, and he received another chance. Have I been denying you? Am I being shown another path?

My love for you must be expressed in concern and care for others - in love for others. Lead me along that path, Holy Spirit. Amen.

Love always involves responsibility, and it always involves sacrifice. We do not really love Christ unless we are prepared to face his task and take up his Cross. (William Barclay)